Activated charcoal powder is ideal for teeth whitening. It helps removes teeth stain and whitens your teeth naturally! Cleanses your mouth for fresher breath and better oral health. This natural absorbent binds with impurities and removes teeth blemishes such as stains from coffee, tea, or other tooth-staining beverages and foods. With regular use, it helps improve gum health and prevents tartar or plaque buildup, which causes tooth decay. Because of its very fine powdery texture, you can also safely use it in your regular skincare ritual at least once or twice a week, for gentle exfoliation and pore cleansing.Our activated charcoal powder is purified from the premium quality Indonesian coconut shell, without using any chemicals or bleach.This Coconut Charcoal Powder is 100% natural & vegan with ingredients that aren't mixed with harmful chemicals, artificial colors and flavors.Directions:1. Wet toothbrush.2. Dip brush into the charcoal powder.3. Brush teeth (3min preferably).4. Rinse your mouth until water is clear.5. You should notice results after one use.A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY

Activated Charcoal